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About Us

Representative place in the center of Kielce suitable for both leisure and work. Elegant, high-quality interiors will provide you with peace and relaxation after an eventful day. Guests of the Grand Hotel Kielce can take advantage of the numerous attractions within and outside the hotel that allow them to fully enjoy their leisure time. We understand the importance of individual needs and flexibility. Our experienced team will help you find the best solution and the passion of the chef of restaurant Oranżeria makes the menu based on local produce tastes great.



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Our history

When getting off a train at the PKP train station in Kielce in communist times, one would hear “Tu stacja Kielce…” (Here is Kielce station), then one would go down to the tunnel straight from the platform and at the exit towards the city you could see the building of the Central hotel with a huge neon sign “Welcome to Kielce”. That’s what it was like.

Since then, our hotel has changed its name and owner. It has undergone major renovations and modernization, which caused it to become a modern, 4-star conference and exhibition center adapted to international standards. There is no longer a neon sign on the roof of the hotel, but we still warmly meet all our guests in Kielce. After traveling or a meeting our guests can go to one of the 122 comfortable rooms. They can discuss the events of the day in the café or enjoy the chef’s menu in Oranżeria. The body care salon helps relieve stress and the fitness salon lets you regain energy for the evening. We welcome all those who desire excitement to our club and casino.


3 reasons to stay with us

Center of Poland. Center of Kielce

2000 m2
conference and exhibition center

Oranżeria Restaurant
Two halls and a summer garden

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